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Weight Reduction

Low Carbohydrate Weight Loss Ketogenic Diets - The Evidence
The verdict on high protein, low carb diets. Do they work and are they safe?

Clinical Nutrition

Blended Food as a Tube Feed
A mother describes the benefits she has found through giving her daughter blended real food through her gastrostomy

Enteral Nutrition
Enteral tube feeding in the hospital and at home

Nutrition in Critical Care
How optimal nutrition helps intensive care patients

Nutrition in Dysphagia
Nutritional management for those with swallowing problems

Nutrition and Wound Healing
How optimal nutrition plays a key role in the healing process

Undernutrition in the Elderly
Is poor nutrition an inevitable consequence of ageing, or are there issues which health professionals can address to deal with this problem?

Nutrition as a Profession

Learning from the Salesman: A Guide for the Dietitian
How dietitians can learn from a good salesperson and how to use these principles to help be a more effective practitioner

Becoming a Qualified Nutrition Advisor
Definitions of nutritionist, dietitian and nutritional therapist with information on how they are regulated and their professional bodies. Also discusses the differences between the professions and how to qualify in nutrition

An Introduction to Evidence Based Practice
The fundamentals of evidence based practice in healthcare, medicine and nutrition, and how the professional can apply it

Nutrition and the Health Professional
The major nutritional issues which health professionals are responsible for

Motivation is an Essential Tool for a Health Professional
How dietitians and health professionals can use motivation with their clients


Additives, Foods, Moods and Behaviour
The dramatic effect that additives and foods may have on the behaviour of our children

Functional Foods Q&As
What functional foods are and other important questions relating to them answered.

Probiotics and Prebiotics - Their Use for Good Health
How pro- and prebiotics are used in general health and clinical nutrition

Storage of Micronutrients in the Body
Reference nutrient intakes (RNI) and storage information for vitamins and minerals in the body